2023 Women Managing the Farm Keynote Speakers Annouced

Posted November 9, 2022

Keynote topics and speakers have been announced for the award-winning Women Managing the Farm Conference, set for February 15-17, 2023, in Manhattan, Kansas. Since 2005, the event has brought together women farmers, rural business leaders and landowners. The Women Managing the Farm conference provides a supportive setting in which women can develop the skills, resources and knowledge needed for success in a competitive agricultural environment.

Conference sessions are designed to keep women up-to-date on the latest advancements in agriculture and thriving within their rural communities. During the two-day conference, attendees select from presentations covering many topics, including farm finances, relationships and health, agricultural and estate law, crop production and marketing, management, and more. Attendees also choose networking sessions tailored to the different roles women hold, such as agricultural partners and helpers, independent producers, absentee landowners, ag industry career women and business managers. Optional pre-conference workshops are offered on Wednesday, February 15, which includes drone technologies and ag safety, as well as introductory and advanced sessions on QuickBooks.

The 2023 conference will open Thursday morning with keynote speaker Brandi Buzzard, presenting "Small Talk, Meaningful Conversations". Other general session presenters will include Dr. Antonina Broyaka, K-State Department of Ag Economics, who will discuss “War in Ukraine and Global Food Security".  The two-day conference will wrap up with Adrienne DeSutter, an Ag Mental Health Specialist who will share that your growth is greatest when YOU are holding the measuring stick. And when you hit your peaks, so does everyone around you.