Session 1 Presentations

1A. Food Safety for Farmer’s Market Vendors
Location: McDowell
Presenter: Londa Nwadike, K-State Research and Extension

This session will provide information to help farmers reduce their legal risk through improved food safety practices and by meeting food safety regulations. Participants will learn basic food safety best practices that they can implement when selling at a farmers market or when selling their produce. Participants will also learn about other available trainings and other resources to provide additional information in this area. Participants will learn how they can comply with food safety regulations.


1B. Empowering Young Women in Agriculture 
Location: Tuttle 
Presenter: Darcie Gallagher, Communications and Agricultural Education, Kansas State University

This will be an engaging session to tell a personal journey through a post-secondary education and how I began a farming operation. Only 6% of women farmers that are part of the production industry are less than 35 years old. There is an inclusive need to bring those statistics up. By applying a real-world application, attendees could use examples to pursue their dreams and never be discouraged by being a minority.


1C. Get 'em on the Farm
Location: Alcove 
Presenter: Meagan Cramer, Kansas Farm Bureau

In a world where most people are at least one generation removed from the farm, it's more important than ever for you to share what happens on your farm or ranch. Kansas Farm Bureau and others have hosted influencer farm tours for four years and you can learn from our mistakes. You'll come away with tips for planning the logistics, getting the right people on your side, developing a budget and evaluating the program.


1D. Soil: The Foundation of Nutrition
Location: Konza Prairie 
Presenter: Candy Thomas, USDA-NRCS Soil Health Division

Human health is dependent upon available food resources. The food we eat is directly linked to the plants and animals that eat them. Through the decades the quality of food has decreased and can be attributed to the degradation of soil. Learn the key steps to increase soil health and improve nutritional quality of food on your farm or garden.


1E. The Ultimate Watch List for 2018 Grain Markets
Location: Kings
Presenter: Naomi Blohm, Stewart-Peterson

2018 grain markets promise to have many exciting twists and turns and the price of corn, soybeans and wheat in your backyard is based on factors happening around the world. Join Naomi for a highly energetic, entertaining and educational session to help you be prepared for any price scenario that 2018 might have to offer.