Session 2 Presentations

2A. Agriculture Credit Decisions in a Challenging Economic Environment
Location: McDowell
Presenter: Robert White, USDA Farm Service Agency

Discussion of Farm Service Agency loan programs, status of Kansas FSA loan activity, and what we might learn from history.


2B. Steps to Implementing an Artificial Insemination Program in Your Cowherd
Location: Tuttle
Presenter: Sandy Johnson, K-State Research Extension

A successful AI program requires attention to detail. Learn what measures can be used to determine if your herd is ready for AI and what steps can be taken to prepare a herd for successful AI. Clear goals, planning and careful implementation will allow your herd to take advantage of this technology.


2C. You Snooze, You WIN!
Location: Alcove
Presenter: Susan Harris-Broomfield, University of Nebraska Education

Are you wired and tired? Having trouble sleeping? Not only does lack of sleep affect your mental and physical health, it messes with your ability to think clearly and make good decisions to stay safe while you work. As a result, injuries on the farm or ranch can happen more frequently. Bring your smartphone for some interactive fun and learn 30 tricks to get better sleep for a safer, happier, more active you.


2D. Maintaining Your Role on the Farm
Location: Kings
Presenter: Jeannie Sharp, Kansas AgrAbility, University of Kansas

AgrAbility's goal is to enable a high quality of lifestyle for farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural workers with health conditions or disabilities. Come learn how Kansas AgrAbility helped three producers and their families identify safe, proven adaptations and identified funding supports for selected accommodations to allow participation in essential farm tasks. An individual who used AgrAbility services so she and her husband could continue farming will explain the impact of the services in her family.


2E. Sharing Your Story with Others
Location: Konza Prairie 
Presenter: Marji Guyer-Alaniz, FarmHer

Marji Guyler-Alaniz, President and Founder of FarmHer, will talk about the importance of photographs in your daily life and the importance of sharing your story with others.  Attendees at this session will leave with a list easy tips and takeaways to capture your farm/family with the photography equipment you already have. 


2F. Careers in Agriculture, Full STEAM Ahead for a Great Future
Location: Flint Hills
Presenter: Cathy Musick, Kansas Foundation for Ag in the Classroom

Explore a variety of career options connected to agriculture using interactive activities such as Living Science Posters; My Farm Concept Web; an ag careers video selection and a Prezi slide show. Careers are linked to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math!