2023 Conference Materials Now Posted

Posted March 1, 2023

Some of our 2023 speakers have graciously shared presentation materials and handouts from their sessions!  You can find them below:

Main Sessions:

ANTONINA BROYAKA, War in Ukraine & Global Food Security


Breakout Sessions:

Calving School - A.J.Tarpoff

Crop Marketing - LaVell Winsor (Enterprise Budgeting, Marketing Transaction Log)

Livestock Risk Protection - Hannah Ballard (Whole Farm Revenue Protection & Micro Farm, Livestock Risk Protection)

Low-Stress Cattle Handling in Working Facilities - A.J. Tarpoff

A Cooperative's Role in a Rural Community  - Brandi Miller

Kansas AgriTourism: What it is and How it Works - Kelsey Wendling 

The Secrets to Eliminating Stress - Adrienne DeSutter

Making Marketing Part of your Daily Routine - Lexi Wright (Content Checklist)

Integrating small ruminants into Livestock and Cropping Systems - Jennifer Carr

Starting the Conversation of the Future of the Farm - Ashlee Westerhold

Keeping Our Little Ones Safe on the Farm - Tawnie Larson

Direct Marketing Foods in Kansas - Karen Blakeslee

Improving Your Farm's Bottom Line through Soil Health - Lucinda Stuenkel